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BigClaw Mechanical Gripper for Robot DIY
  • Large contact area to grip objects more easily and stably
  • BigClaw has better performance with strong-torque and burn-resistant servo
  • Aluminum structure makes BigClaw lighter and more durable.
  • M3 and M4 holes on the gripper are left for your DIY expansion
  • Parallel and symmetrical grip design makes it easy to pick up items of various shapes
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Robotic Hands: Hiwonder Humanoid Robot Hands with LX-824HV Serial Bus Servo Flexible Opening for DIY
  • Applicable to bionic robots
  • Loaded with high voltage serial bus servos
  • 66mm maximum opening making it easy to pick object of various shape
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Hiwonder Metal Picking Gripper for Robotic Arm and Robot DIY
  • Made of hard aluminum alloy and durable
  • Applied to robotic arm and robot
  • Grab the objects steadily and firmly
  • Maximum opening distance reaches 55mm
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Black Metal Mechanical Gripper for Robot DIY
  • Wave design of the gripper makes the clamping more stable
  • Symmetric gripping is easy to judge the object position
  • Equipped with strong-torque and burn-resistant servo, gripper can grab object weighing up to 500g
  • M2 and M3 holes at the end of claw are left for the DIY extension
  • Limited copper pillars to prevent pinching
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Hiwonder Green Robot Gripper Aluminium Alloy Flexible Opening and Closing for Robotic Arm
  • Applicable to robotic arm
  • Loaded with burn-resistant anti-blocking servo
  • Big in size for picking objects of different shapes stably
  • High quality aluminium alloy material contributes to long service life
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Silver Aluminum Alloy Gripper for Robot DIY
  • Hollow design make it able to grip objects easily and stably
  • Aluminum alloy structure makes gripper lighter and more durable
  • 230mm maximum opening distance enables it to grip items of various sizes
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Hiwonder Plastic Gripper for Hiwonder Robot and Smart Car
  • Installed on robot or smart car
  • Picking up items steadily and firmly
  • Maximum opening distance reaches 54mm
  • Compatible with various standard size servos
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